An year

Urghhhh hi?! July 8th,2018 My blog is one year old,ayyy. Oh manh, i really don’t know know how to write this. Ok okay, ik ive not been active on WordPress since what seems like ages now, but it’s just i have nothing to contribute and it just seems unfair to be present otherwise. You know […]

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Numbdead // Rant

//08.03.2018 Numb- deprived of feeling or responsiveness. When you have cries that strive to come out but you don’t let them,your lungs puff up but you just gulp it down the chest feels heavy,the heart pains,it aches for real/ Suddenly your body aches,each ounce , every part,your head is spinning around but you don’t collapse, […]

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Colors // Excerpt

“In this century, and moment, of mania, tell me a story. / Make it a story of great distances, and starlight. / The name of the story will be time, / But you must not speak its name. / Tell me a story of deep delight.”

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